These satisfied customers came before you.

“Inforing excels in technology”

Inforing is a software supplier that excels in technology, the beating heart of every website and application. Our customized software makes the work of many municipalities, welfare organizations, colleges and entrepreneurs easier. Because fuss, we don’t do that. For a complete package, Inforing works together with professionals who are just as enthusiastic as we are.

We work from Breda, and all share one large floor. Communication lines are short and informal. We switch quickly and can take over each other’s work if necessary. That makes us so flexible that we regularly surprise customers with it.

“Despite the tight deadline, Hot Potatoes set up our environment to perfection.”

21 June 2017 saw the launch of 216’s brand-new advisory model. They have a totally original approach to accountancy for SMEs, which naturally requires a new corporate identity and a new website. Just before the deadline (a midnight launch, announced on motorway billboards), we were given the task of setting up a secure environment for the website. Marcel Bisschops, chairman of the executive board at 216: “Thanks to their communication, clear steps and flexibility, Hot Potatoes was able to set up an acceptance and production environment well within the deadline. Working with them was an absolute pleasure.”

Visma Connect
“Hot Potatoes handles our managed hosting to great satisfaction”

Visma Connect is a dynamic and fast-growing ICT service provider based in The Hague. As a specialist in chain informatics, they focus on the design, improvement and management of automated information exchange. Coen Egberink, Managing Director at Visma Connect: “We work for governments, quasi-government agencies and private companies, and reliable, secure and fast electronic information exchange is crucial to us. Hot Potatoes provides managed hosting of applications that Visma Connect uses to test and develop software. In addition, they also manage the Networking Services used by Visma Connect. And they do so to great satisfaction.”

KZA QA and Testing
“Hot Potatoes provides and manages our IT Container Platform for Trainings”

KZA was founded in 1995. During the years KZA helped their customers with consultancy services and the development and build of test and improvement processes. This way KZA helps their customers to get a better understanding and insight in good and reliable IT systems and services. With long lasting customer relationships and a distinctive service offering (e.g. agile consultancy, security services and test automation) and the KZA business attitude, KZA is ready for the future. KZA’s long history provides a lot of (test)experience and makes KZA a good partner for companies like: KPN, Tele2, de Belastingdienst, Jumbo and Havenbedrijf Rotterdam.