How does our platform work?

Infinitely flexible

How do you build a secure network that is still being developed, while keeping it flexible and scalable at the same time? That was our challenge and we’re quite proud of the end result: a super- secure network based on Cisco ACI, proven infrastructure when it comes to security, combined with Red Hat’s OpenStack. That’s why our unique infrastructure is not only highly secure, but also flexible: a combination you won’t find easily. OpenStack is one of the most innovative technologies in the world, and it’s only going to become better and stronger in the future. That’s good news, because it means we’ll be more than ready for all the opportunities the future has in store for us.

Red Hat

The quality of our infrastructure is widely recognised: Hot Potatoes is a Red Hat Certified Cloud & Service Provider (CCSP), the world’s largest supplier of CE solutions. Because we’re Red Hat’s partner ecosystem, we can host certified Red Hat solutions based on different models, depending on what suits your needs.