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on Dutch soil.

While there are numerous benefits to cloud computing, it raises many questions as well. Where is all that data stored? And just how secure is it? We’re based in the Netherlands, which has some of the strictest data protection regulations in the world. This means your data is not only safe with us – we’ll actually protect it with our lives.

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Secure network
plus high flexibility

It’s tricky to combine these two aspects, but we’ve succeeded in building highly secure infrastructure that still leaves you with an infinite number of options. And since we use OpenStack, we’re ready for whatever the future holds.

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our satisfied customers

These companies – which run the gamut from audit firms to international banks – have entrusted us with their hosting, and they’d love to tell you why they chose us.

Our customers

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If you’ve got a good head on your shoulders, our approach to data privacy appeals to you and you’re firmly committed to protecting our customers’ data, you might be exactly what we’re looking for.

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3 reasons to choose us

We are based in the Netherlands

We provide a uniquely secure and protective data storage environment. Since EU legislation applies here in the Netherlands, we are not subject to the US Patriot Act. Your data could not be more secure.

Accessible service

You can reach us at any time for assistance and support – we will always be on hand to provide you with a solution.

Beyond hosting alone

In addition to secure hosting, we provide a solid online portal where coders can build, deploy and manage their product within a single environment. You can get started with the click of a button, quickly and easily.

ISPConnect BBQ
11 September 2017

It was lashing rain all week. In fact, it was a total washout. The lawn Hot Potatoes likes to call its car park was completely submerged. That very morning we’d been freeing a car from the mud there – not quite what you’d expect on a Thursday in August. We were relieved to see the sun break through the clouds by mid-afternoon, as we had something fun planned later that day. At about 4pm, Guus and I got in the car, ready to head to the Tech Together & BBQ 2017 in Nieuwegein.

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