ISPConnect BBQ

It was lashing rain all week. In fact, it was a total washout. The lawn Hot Potatoes likes to call its car park was completely submerged. That very morning we’d been freeing a car from the mud there – not quite what you’d expect on a Thursday in August. We were relieved to see the sun break through the clouds by mid-afternoon, as we had something fun planned later that day. At about 4pm, Guus and I got in the car, ready to head to the Tech Together & BBQ 2017 in Nieuwegein.

We would be meeting representatives from ISPConnect – the industry association for Internet Service Providers we had joined just the week before. This organisation looks after the interests of its members, especially where privacy, security, image and education are concerned. ISPConnect offers its members legal and tax advice, the services of a dispute resolution committee, and advice on mergers and acquisitions. They also organise ten annual events, including conferences, seminars and information days, along with networking meetings and social events that are attended by everyone in the industry. In other words, Hot Potatoes couldn’t afford NOT to be a member.

At Tech Together & BBQ, we mainly came across colleagues from our field, but there were also a number of partners, mostly hosting providers. It was a great opportunity to discuss the latest market trends, as well as the challenge of finding the right people. Guus were proud to tell attendees all about our platform, the way we interact with our partners, and all the exciting projects we’re currently working on. It was clear that we managed to make a lot happen within a short space of time.

It’s always nice to see how people pass you and take a quick glance at your lanyard. “Who are you and where do you work?” These networking events can be a bit like speed dates sometimes. The Hot Potatoes name stood out in a crowd of businesses full of acronyms other generic-sounding company names. “What does your company name mean exactly?” “Who came up with it?” “What’s the story behind the name?”, and more of such questions. If you’re also curious to find out what Hot Potatoes represents and where we got our name, be sure to get in touch with me. I’d love to come round and tell you more about it.

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